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October from 2 duck

Update we take delivery of baskets  on 13th October and dispatching of orders will start as quickly as we can after that.

After the joy and excitement of our new shipments early arrival,  we have been stymied by the Australian Quarantine service and are still waiting for the baskets to clear,  4 weeks after the shipment landed in Sydney. This has been so heartbreaking as they arrived to Australia so quickly and we were thrilled to begin dispatching the orders. After all the stress there is nothing for it but to take a little break and be ready to work doubly hard when the baskets finally are delivered.

For wholesale orders we will be processing all orders as quickly as we can once the stock has arrived. We are now estimating mid October. Will probably turn into genuine baskets cases in the process.

For all online orders  we will be be sending all the orders we can out from 12th October.



  Carriageworks Farmer Markets –  We have changed our days at the market and will be coming to Carriageworks every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month.  For October are away 1st Oct back on the 15th October.

We are attending Cambridge market EQ every Saturday. In Oct  there a few exceptions due to events and family matters. Our dates are 15th and 29th October.    Find us there for baskets, St James tops, great saucisson, French linens, hats and more.  Our range of  long awaited St James tee shirts has been expanding (finally) so do pop and see us for the perfect trans seasonal tops.


Le Marche – Willoughby  For October we will be at Le Marche  on Sunday  23rd October.  Visit us for baskets, St James tops, French pates and foie gras,  French linens and French fun.


CMRI Wagga Wagga Christmas Fair

We are delighted to be able to head back down to Wagga Wagga for the annual CMRI Xmas fair. It has been too long!!  Find us at the Murrumbidgee Turf Club Friday and Saturday 21st and 22nd October.

Upcoming events

Another event which is  back on which we are thrilled about  – is the FANS French market. Save the date!


Merci and hopefully it is not too long before we have all the baskets back and available.


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